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Event 31 - 23:4 3 Places left.

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:10 pm
by Fenric

Note - In Character your characters do not know anything about the event, or description until informed IC through your downtimes...

Once again the Stargate Expeditionary Force is called upon to come to the aid of a people under threat of annihilation by the Goa'uld...

The free Jaffa who once served, but have since overthrown, Hephaestus of the Olympian Pantheon have been a thorn in the side of the System Lord Ba'al are in dire need of assistance. The Olympian Goa'uld Ares, Chief General of Ba'al, has launched a military campaign against these people and through tentative diplomatic links established with the assistance of the Charlemagne free Jaffa these free Jaffa have called out for the aid of Earth.

Both the Tok'ra and the other free Jaffa factions in the galaxy have put pressure on the Earth to intervene, both have pledged to aid the Hephaestus free Jaffa in their own ways, but they need the military capabilities of the SEF to really have any hope of undermining Ares' campaign.

Despite the relatively recent and formative contact with the Hephaestus free Jaffa, Earth and Great Britain have their reasons to come to their aid - they are one of the largest factions of free Jaffa currently active in the galaxy, and provide safe haven for free Jaffa seeking refuge after rebelling against their Goa'uld. More than this they are the only free Jaffa nation capable of manufacturing Goa'uld ships and vessels to supply the rebellion, being a technically minded faction as might be expected as one time followers of a smith 'god'.

If Ares' succeeds at removing this particular thorn in the side of his master, Ba'al will be able to free up the fleets dedicated to containing the threat in the 'back yard' of his own territories to continue the expansion of his already bloated personal territories, something that the universe cannot afford.

Homeworld Defence has decided to commit considerable resources to this campaign on this basis, a large SEF ground team is being dispatched to provide special forces support to the Free Jaffa, and from Fleet the USS Odyssey is being dispatched in an air & space support role.

In a gesture of friendship, the free Jaffa have suggested the SEF make a base camp in P4X-356, a previously undiscovered site of Ancient ruins that they are aware might be of interest to the SEF - as unexplored Ancient sites are a rarity in the galaxy SEF Command is naturally curious enough to dispatch scientific and archaeological personnel.

Location - Caddihoe

Website - ... dihoe.html

Address -
Ashclyst Forest

Date - Friday 12th April - Sunday 14th April

Price - £55 (£58 via PayPal) with possible crewing slot
Price - £65 (£68 via PayPal) with no crewing requirement.

Maximum player places – 30


Bookings will be open to members only until 12th March 2013 after that all places will be available to members and non members alike. Once the places are gone, they are gone so please book early to avoid disappointment.


This is a camping only event there is no indoor sleeping.

This event is not a fully time in event. Time out will be from 2am to 10am Saturday and Sunday

Time in will be 7:30pm on Friday, with gate travel expected at 8:00pm. If for any reason you cannot make this time or are delayed, there will be an IC mechanism to allow you to join the game - please see a ref when you arrive and do not enter play until told to do so.

Crewing as always is free, and welcome. Please remember that crew will get £5 of a future event and feats for their character. Bringing new crew with you also earns you £5 off a future event per person.

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:13 pm
by Fenric
1: jD : SSgt R M Heaton [No Crew Option]
2: Paul H - Dr Carter (No Crew Option)
3:Richard S - Savage (No Crew Option)
4:John B - Major Flint (No Crew Option)
5:Nigel B - Col. Thorne (No Crew Option)
6:Keir B - Major Thorne (No Crew Option)
7:Carl M - Merryweather (No Crew Option)
8:Michael C - Derrick Collingwood (No Crew Option)
9:Ryan J - David Creed (No Crew Option)
10:Orev - Hardy (Crewing Option)
11:Marc W - Dr Lanfear (Crewing Option)
12:Laura C - Doctor Jospehine Holt(Crewing Option)
13:Tony K - Col Bryant (Crewing Option)
14:Andy C - Mr Yakov "Commie" Obruchev (Crewing Option)
15:Will H - Daniel Sharpe (No Crew Option)
16:Russ K - Lieutenant Logan "Conscript" Hunt (No Crew Option)
17:Kev O - CJ Van Wolfe (Crewing Option)
18:Mark F - Wyatt Lockhart (No Crew Option)
19:Skye B - Emma Flint (No Crew Option)
20:Bobbie - Dr. Ren 'teuren' Williams (Crewing Option)
21:Chloe White - Corporal Lily Blake (No Crew Option)
22:Claire H - Squadron Leader Tereshkova
23:Ian T - Sgt Taylor (Crewing Option)
24:Chris T - Corporal John Castle (Crewing Option)
25:Kathryn M - Dr Cross (Crewing Option)
26:Mark H - Sgt Munroe (Crewing Option)
27:Scott C - Sgt Cobb (Crewing Option)

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:42 pm
by Tempest
Yay for Ancient ruins and archaeology!

Paid :)

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:02 pm
by JBailey
Iv'e paid for a no crew ticket. I think I've included my name IC and OOC for once :D

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:55 pm
by sm0keyb
Paid by bank transfer for myself & Keir, with no crewing slots.

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:00 pm
by Isobel Watts
All updated.

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 7:08 pm
by James Merryweather
Booked for Merryweather, couldn't find a place to enter his name on the booking

Re: Event 31 - 23:4

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:35 pm
by Isobel Watts
If you book using the site it automatically sends the forum name you are logged in as through to the email addy.

And updated.

Re: Event 31 - 23:4 Open for members

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:27 pm
by Woody
OK guys and girls we have 9 players unless this improves then we really wont be running an event I suspect.

Please book soon so we can confimr the event will actually happen.

Re: Event 31 - 23:4 Open for members

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:28 pm
by Munroe
I'd love to book now, as i'm fully intending on going, but I cant afford to until the end of march. MOT time for the car, coupled with a short paycheck and Empire 1, mean i'm going to be VERY tight on cash.